Gettin’ a MOOOve on with the Archibull Prize

Now that our student and teacher entry surveys have been completed, we are now ready to roll with our Thursday afternoon Archibull Prize workshops.

During these workshops, the team will get together to do some research about our chosen industry and draw on inspiration to create our Archibull Prize entry! We will use our awesome Archibull Inspo board.


To begin, our awesome team put their heads together to write a persuasive argument that asked our principal to fund a subscription for our WordPress blog. Check out the photos below to see us in action.

The team has begun researching interesting facts about our chosen industry – stay tuned for our next blog to see what industry we are looking into! Here’s a clue…

I live on a farm, but I am not a horse. I help provide what you might eat at breakfast, but I am not a chicken. I provide meat, but I am not a cow. I have a snout, but I am not an anteater. I am found in a pen, but I am not ink!

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