Healthy Communities


For the past two weeks, we have been researching about Healthy Communities. Some information we have found about agriculture and farmers include: They contribute to the fabric of our society, not only our wealth but our health and happiness. We also have found that farmers make a significant contribution to the social and cultural pillars of our communities because they farm produce that goes directly to communities and they ensure that it is of the highest quality. Farmers make environmental, economic and social decisions to make sure that everyone in the community is given the best possible produce.

Miller Public School is affiliated with Foodbank and like Foodbank helping Miller Public School out and making sure that we maintain a healthy community, the Aussie Farmers Foundation helps Australia’s farming communities to thrive by supporting them during tough times… “We invest in vital grassroots projects in rural and regional Australia – thanks to the generosity of the Australian community.” -

The Aussie Farmers Foundation focus on 5 key areas that affect country Australians and they are as follows:

  • Economic and Environmental Sustainability for Australian farmers
  • Disaster relief for farming communities including drought
  • Kids health and healthy eating including food provenance awareness
  • Food waste and food security
  • Mental health and wellbeing for farming communities.

“Aussie Farmers Foundation funds projects and programs which aim to improve the health, wellbeing and sustainability of farming communities.”

Farmers markets contribute to the health of residents by improving the availability of fresh, nutritious, and affordable food within the community. One out of every two people on this planet struggles to feed and educate their children. When powered by opportunity, they have a chance to work their way out of poverty and transform their lives.

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