Laura Phelps – Our Young Farming Champion!

On Thursday 31st August, Miller Public School celebrated their annual Book Parade! Check out Mrs Tong and Mr Hall, along with Mrs Brooks and Mrs Harding as the Teletubbies!

But that’s not all that was exciting about today, Laura Phelps – Our Young Farming Champ from the Australia Pork Foundation visited Miller Public School. Check out our little welcome message that we sent Laura just before she arrived…

She had so much to tell us about. Laura spoke about her family …

“Growing up on a farm outside of Moree, I always assumed that agriculture would form part of my life in some capacity. It was this mindset that I took with me when my family moved south from Moree to the urban fringes of Melbourne…”

Laura told us all about how she always knew that she wanted a job in agriculture…

“My father is a vet and my mother an agricultural scientist – they have always supported my passion for agriculture and the opportunities that it presents. When my school friends were getting ready to attend university in Melbourne, I was packing up my bags to head north to begin a degree in Ag Science at the University of Sydney in 2010, graduating at the end of 2013…”

Laura told us lots about the Australian Pork industry including all about renewable energy – Biogas! Poooooooey!! We found some facts really amazing! Especially when she explained to us that pig farmers capture the methane (smelly stuff) from their pigs and turn it into electricity which powers their piggeries. We watched this Youtube clip, that showed us exactly how its done!

We showed Laura Em-moo-ly and told her all about what we are envisioning! She said that she can’t wait to see it all complete. We can’t wait to invite Laura back to Miller Public School, we loved having her here! Check out some photos of our day.

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