SUSTAINABILITY … Ask A Pig Farmer – How are pig farmers environmentally sustainable?

Being environmentally sustainable means that Pig farmers can look after the pigs they have now and make sure that they can continue to look after them without damaging the environment later.

During our after school Archi meetings, we watched this Youtube clip about how pig farmers in America continue to be environmentally sustainable. We have already ¬†learnt lots about how the methane from pigs is trapped and then used to make electricity but from watching this clip, we now know that farmers plant trees around pig farms to make sure that any trees that were cut down to make the pig farms are replanted, they also provide a home for animals in the area, other than pigs. When we watched the clip, the farmers told us that they even plant trees to keep out the wind so that it doesn’t affect the pigs.

By focusing on sustainability, pig farmers have become leaders or reducing environmental impact!


At Miller Public School we have decided to have our #waronwaste! Mrs Collings has bought compost bins that we use to put in our fruit scraps, we recycle all of our cardboard and paper and even the teachers recycle their soft drink cans that they get from the can machine! Miller Public School also has a tight affiliation with FOODBANK. Last year alone we are proud to say that as a tiny school, we repurposed over 2000kg of food that would have ended up in landfill! Go MPS!

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