Take a look at Em-moo-ly now! #FROMPIGGERYTOPLATE

Just a little update with how Em-moo-ly is looking. Isn’t she grand? We spray painted her legs. Each of her legs represent one area of sustainability. As an Archi group, we have learnt that sustainability is the key and the Australian Pork Industry does a GREAT job in ensuring that pig farms and their ways are nice to planet Earth and have little impact. So for each of Em-moo-ly’s legs, we painted them a different colour.

GREEN leg – represents GREENHOUSE GASES and how the Australian Pork Industry is doing its bit and has “set its self a goal to reduce emissions on farm to 1kg CO2 eq per kg pork produced.” – http://australianpork.com.au/industry-focus/environment/greenhouse-gases/

YELLOW leg – represents RENEWABLE ENERGY BIOGASES and how the Australian Pork Industry makes sure that all piggeries “cover a pond with an impermeable membrane, the biogas can be captured and destroyed by simply flaring, utilised to for heat to offset farm gas use or for combined heat and power generation on farm. Engineered digesters may be used in place of the covered pond.” – http://australianpork.com.au/industry-focus/environment/renewable-energy-biogas/

BLUE leg – represents WATER USE and how the Australian Pork Industry “Australian pork is highly efficient in comparison with international production with respect to water usage.  Australian water use is lower than that presented for pork and many other livestock species in international literature.” – http://australianpork.com.au/industry-focus/environment/water-use/

PURPLE leg – represents ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY and how the Australian Pork Industry ensure that “Environmental sustainability stewardship is a major priority for the Australian Industry.” -http://australianpork.com.au/industry-focus/environment/environmental-sustainability-an-industry-priority/

Check out our photos here…

As a team, we decided to use tiles to symbolise how many things contribute to making sure Australian Pork is the world’s best! We are going to use the tiles to mosaic Em-moo-ly. We chose pink tiles because they symbolise the colour of pigs. We wanted to tell a story on her so we have titled our artwork – FROM PIGGERY TO PLATE. It takes you on a journey of how it all starts and eventually ends on your plate. Whether you buy pork products from a leading supermarket or you are given an item through Foodbank! Check out our photos!

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