The Importance of #BIOSECURITY in Sustaining Aboriginal Culture and Heritage #sharedresponsibility

During our Archi afternoon meetings we had a chat about how biosecurity is really important and that it is a shared responsibility. We focused on how biosecurity is extremely important in sustaining Aboriginal Culture and Heritage.

We started off our afternoon meeting by watching this Youtube video. We learnt that…

  • Biosecuirty is an important issue as a lot of introduced species has been brought onto country which affect the natural balance.
  • Aboriginal people have a deep affiliation with the land through cultural activity and spiritual knowledge and this is critical that balance is maintained.
  • The land council has land that is regenerated so that is goes back to its natural state.
  • Goats stop the lizards and mice from returning to the land and that has an impact on other animals who eat them. The Aboriginal Lands council capture the goats and ¬†return them to farms. The land is able to regenerate.
  • The Aboriginal Lands Council do hazard reduction through fire and a lot of other plants grow back.
  • Experts come out to give the right advice to the right people to do the right thing to ensure that biosecurity is in place.

Bio-security is a shared responsibility and it is up to us to make sure that we do our best not to introduce pests into our country that might have a devastating impact on our plants and animals and our Aboriginal heritage and culture. Once they are lost, they are lost forever.

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