What can WE do? #Climatechange #waronwaste

It’s up to us to think about how our behaviours now have an impact on climate change. During our after school Archi meetings we discussed ways that Miller Public School and get behind the War on Waste!


We started off by watching using this website to navigate through different ways some kids in America got behind the war on waste! Take a look!

Start Learning

We know that the world’s climate is changing? Humans do lots of things that might have a negative impact to planet Earth. Things such as…. driving cars, running factories, and generating energy release gases into our atmosphere. Because these gases trap heat from the sun close to the earth, this is causing our planet to warm up!

As the Earth’s temperature warms up, weather patterns begin to change, polar ice is melting, and sea levels are rising. These changes could impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people in our lifetime! So that’s why it’s important that we do something about it now.

Here’s a list of things that Miller Public School is doing to fight the WAR ON WASTE!

-Compost bins for vegie and fruit scraps

-Recycling cardboard and paper products

-Affiliated with Foodbank and repurpose thousands of kilos of food that may have ended in landfill!

-Recycle printer cartridges

(Photos coming soon!)

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